drum roll please....
it is now time to share with you an extremely exciting pice of lazy soosan news.
This sunday, the 27th April, the annual London Zine Symposium is taking place at the rag factory in Tower Hamlets.
We will be heading over there with bundles of both A and B to sell on the 'Individual Zine Rocks' table. hoorah indeed!

for more info and details of how to get there, head on over to LZS headquaters now!

we look forward to seeing you there :o)


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this chicken said...

Oh wow! I've just had a look at the website and it looks like great fun. Typical how it coincides with my trip up north this weekend, otherwise I'd have definately been there, shame I didn't know about it sooner :(
Have an ace time though you two! I'm sure you'll sell a bundle! My Lazy Soosan zine arrived yesterday and it's fantastic - I've always had a soft spot for B!