p-p-p-pick up a postcard set!

Pop long to our shop to pick up a set of 4 colour postcards. Each set contains 4 different designs, each of which has been featured in The Alphabet Series - but this time - they're in colour!

In other shop news, the shelves have been completely re-stacked with brand new batches of A, B, C and D! lovely!



Between the covers

Between the Covers is an exhibition about women's magazines and their readers, currently showing at The Women's Library in Aldgate.

At the back end of last year, we recieved an email from Melanie Maddison, (editor of the Leeds-based 'zine Colouring Outside the Lines) asking if we could provide some Lazy Soosan work to be a part of 'Zine Fest' - a series of zine related activities and seminars supporting the exhibition. So on Saturday, we toddled along to the exhibition to see Soosan, and all the other lovely zines in action.

To read more about zine fest take a peek here and to read reviews of the comic exhibition, pop along here, here and here.

back soon x.