london zine symposium :: part 2

So we went...we spent...and came back with lots of lovely goodies. It was much fun and here are a few of the pics that we took...you can see more over on Laura's blog. It was lovely to see other people you don't know having a sneaky peak at out little zine...hope you made it and had a lovely time like we did!

oooo you can see Lazy Soosan in the bottom left hand corner.... lovely.

Keep checking C is coming sooooooooon! How exciting x



drum roll please....
it is now time to share with you an extremely exciting pice of lazy soosan news.
This sunday, the 27th April, the annual London Zine Symposium is taking place at the rag factory in Tower Hamlets.
We will be heading over there with bundles of both A and B to sell on the 'Individual Zine Rocks' table. hoorah indeed!

for more info and details of how to get there, head on over to LZS headquaters now!

we look forward to seeing you there :o)



back in business

once again we would like to say a big thank you for all of your orders. :o)
we would like to say an even bigger thank you to all of you have have been ever so patient with us while we have been ironing out the creases in our paypal account. it is now safe to say that we are back in business, and the first batch of orders will be sent out tomorrow. to those of you whose orders were unable to be processed (you will have been notified prior to this post), we are extremely extremely sorry, and ask that you do not let this experience dampen your love for Lazy Soosan, as we most certainly still have love for you!

Right, ok, so on to some more good news, Issue A and B are now not only available from the etsy shop, you can now also pick up a copy from the following locations in London town.

117-119 Clerkenwell Road

+44 (0)20 7242 9503

prick your finger
260 Globe Road
Bethnal Green
E2 0JD

+44 (0)20 8981 2560

tatty devine
236 Brick Lane
E2 7LH

+44 (0)20 7739 9191

So yes, if you do find yourself wandering around the city, try and find your way to any or even all of these lovely stores!

and that is all for now, but keep checking back as we have some rather exciting Lazy Soosan news breaking in the next couple of days...!

ta ta for now


were b-b-b-back!!!


yes, Issue B is finally here. and even if we do say so ourselves, it is well worth the wait.

In the second issue of The Alphabet Series we are all about B, the second letter of the alphabet, because coming second doesn't always mean losing.

Get your copy here from our brand new etsy shop!

This time we have stepped it up a gear and the zine has been professionally printed. This does mean that there will now be a small charge of $5, but we hope that wont be enough to put anyone off! to help tempt you into spending your hard earned money, take a look at these:

We also have some more good news.
For those of you who missed out on issue A, fear not! a second batch is now up for sale, ready and waiting to be bought from our etsy shop. so head on over there now, and start your Alphabet Series collection from the very beginning :o)

Well, that is all for now,
We will be back soon with info on other ways you can get your hands on Lazy Soosan's Alphabet Series.
in the mean time, happy reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!